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The Power of (executable*) Process (models*)


When I talk to health IT folks and to doctors, and a lot of physicians are starting to become almost like Chief Information Officers, they call them Chief Medical Informatic Officers. I show them a slide like this, and I call it the power of process. The executable there with the asterisk and the models, and the asterisk I'll explain in a moment.

Instead of talking about workflow engines, I used to have a really funky-looking Corvette engine, all those pistons going. I replaced it with a cute robot. That's the workflow engine. It can execute various models of work. When I say a model of work, I don't just mean the traditional workflow diagram. You could, a model work could be goals and the relationship between the goals and various rules of entrance for reasoning about them.

I put the Create in there because increasingly, you can use workflow analytics, that data exhaustive, to feed that back in and to improve the probability that it will make someone happy or achieve some goal.

Over here we have the human who can create, if they're clinical analysts, at least understand, like over-the-shoulder if they're a practicing physician.

This layer of abstraction in between is a more appropriate and more natural and more productive means of communication between the computer or the technologist and the clinical analyst and the clinician.

Over here on the top there, that's a traditional workflow diagram. That sort of pick-listy thing on the right is more of a case management, kind of here are the set of tasks, have you done in any order, what percentage have you...

And so the asterisk just has to do with I'm acknowledging that you guys have a very healthy debate, which I love to listen to, about full structure versus unstructured various kinds of notations dealing with predictable versus unpredictable workflows. Both of those happen in healthcare.

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