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I want to thank you very, very much. 4 years ago I came to my first workflow technology conference. I said I was an emissary. Now, in the sense that a one-eyed man is a king in a kingdom of the blind, I'm a workflow expert!

Chuck Webster is my name. I blog a lot. HCBPM, healthcare BPM, .com is one place where I put specific healthcare business process management success stories or stuff. I have a directory. I actually have a little badge that you could stick on your website. Nobody's stuck it on their website yet. But, the badge has Batman, pow hit. You know, stars with P-O-W-H-I-T? The words People and Organizations improving Workflow with Health Information Technology. When I find somebody who I think is wearing a white hat, is improving healthcare workflow, I will write about them and I will contact them on social media and say, "Why don't you stick my badge on your website?" One of these days someone's going to do it.

Finally down here,, that's my custom vanity URL shortener. But if you go there, you will see almost 2,000 links that are news cases. If you're a BPM company, a case management company and you do something in healthcare, you have a news case, or a story or a success story, I'll bet I'm linking to it already. And if I haven't, please let me know.

The other thing is that by having half a million words on this, if you search for healthcare workflow BPM, EHR workflow, whatever, my stuff all comes up on like the first page of Google, and I'm proud.

And that is it. Let's see, I think I just nailed it time-wise. There's like 5 or 10 minutes left. I was actually going to start off in the very beginning and say, "Insert joke about standing between you and a cocktail here." But, I decided to wait until the end, until I got a better sense of the audience.

Anyway, 5 minutes of questions and then I'll turn you loose, but I will be here at the cocktail hour. I would love to talk shop. You guys are already doing this stuff that I'm talking about. I'm raising consciousness. I'm saying if everybody gets together and speaks with the same voice, it's like a megaphone. Health IT will hear you because they are really, really receptive, in my humble opinion.

Thank you so much.

June 16th "BPM & Case Management: US Healthcare Needs You!"
At The BPM & CM Summit

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