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Population Health Management Requires Gluing Together Systems


A couple tweets, and I guess they're sort of an advertisement. If you're on Twitter, I'm wareFLO. I'm sort of Dr. WareFLO. I've got about 4 or 5 thousand health IT people, and I tweet about workflow. I tweet about this stuff. The difference is, 90% of the time I'm talking about workflow to health IT people. In your case, I'm talking to workflow technology people about how to talk to, or how to understand or deal with health IT people. It's meta-marketing.

There was this article which I really liked. The author said, "Population health management is going to require combining, integrating all of these systems..." A few more: electronic health record, health information exchange, analytics of various things, care management, revenue cycle management, supply chain, cost accounting. That's the BPM spider in the web, gluing disparate technologies and systems together.

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