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Population Health Management and Business Process Management (part 2)


One more wall of words. I think this is the most important slide, so I'm going to read it out loud just like the other one. I've looked at lots of population health management systems that are start-ups, that are big health systems that are just building their own systems. If you drill down, in almost every sophisticated population health management "marketecture," and a marketecture is a bunch of boxes and arrows that shows you the structure of some complicated information systems that can be communicated to some stakeholders. You will see, if you drill down far enough, you will find business process management and case management ideas and, increasingly, actual BPM and case management platforms.

There may be some folks here who are actually involved in that. The interesting thing is that the health IT people aren't always that excited about blowing the horn. [inaudible 00:34:34] So, often they will re-brand this as care management or healthcare process management.

But, there's also knowledge that the BPM and the workflow management industry, which has been around for years and is growing, the health IT industry is a large industry. About 10 times larger than the workflow technology industry. It's grown about 70% a year globally. But the workflow technology industry is growing at about 2 or 3 times the rate. There's a lot of [inaudible 00:35:06]. So, it's hard to not try to leverage some of that if you incorporate, let's say a pure play BPM vendor into your ECM solution.

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