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Patient safety and task support. There have been horrendous headlines about mistakes made. Some bit of information was sent from one place to another, or it just disappeared into a void and never got followed up. Invariably, these are workflow related. So there was some hand off that didn't hand off. Or, someone was doing something and they were interrupted, and then they never came back to finish it. Whereas in a workflow system, you've got models of workflow. You've got tasks, and if the task languishes after awhile, you can remind someone.

Then you have clinical decision support. Well, you're on this drug and you're on this drug, and those interact in a bad way. Good. The problem is, these clinical decision support systems are unintelligent. They're not context aware. They're not aware of the workflow. So, you get a zillion alerts, and you get alert fatigue. And doctors just ignore them or turn them off. Whereas business process management has this history of combining [inaudible 00:28:58] suites, such things as business rule management systems and workflow and business process management systems. So there's opportunity there to more seamlessly combine decision support in the practical day-to-day workflow. Those are those unique strengths that I referred to.

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