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Lewin Force Field Analysis (Obstacle to Workflow Tech in Healthcare)


Kurt Lewin had this thing he called a Force Field Analysis. He said if you're trying to figure out whether a complex system or society is going to change, you have a set of things that are lined up that are resisting change, and then you have a set of things that are trying to cause change.

On the right here we have the ten things that are the obstacles. I'm not going to go too much into each of these except to say all of these are weakening. They're weakening for various reasons. The subsidies from the government for certified EHRs, a majority of that has been paid. People are more sophisticated about understanding the importance of workflow. As people start to use various kinds of mobile platforms, you can't fit all those crazy forms on that little thing, so you've got to come up with other ways of interacting with it.

And obviously a paradigm shift, it's just the current paradigm has run out of steam. So, for example, there are thought leaders who say the biggest problem in digitizing healthcare is usability. Then you have the Health Information Management System Society, which is a top lobbyist and vendor association, and they say the number one usability theme point is workflow. Then, when you talk to them about their... well, they say they don't know exactly what they mean when they say workflow.

Now, when I talk to you guys, you know. I used to give, 10 years ago I gave presentations about workflow technology, and I would get someone from the business process management industry who'd wandered in to help IT, and they said "I've been to a zillion presentations here and you're the only one that's talking about workflow in the same way the workflow professionals that I work with talk about workflow." But, there are more and more folks in health IT that are absorbing ideas and beginning to adopt business process management and adaptive and dynamic case management technology.

That was the first half of my presentation, and what I want to talk about now is what is it that can be built. And by what [inaudible 00:17:34] can it be driven to chase after these receding, weakening forces, and just push them off the edge of the screen.

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