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Healthcare needs both Business Process Management and Case Management


One more thing. I've heard people say that, "You know, this is classic business process management. It's all rigid, it's repetitive, it's structured." We automated all of that. That's why we have to do the knowledge work and the unstructured stuff. Guess what, in healthcare hasn't even automated the structured, repeated boring stuff yet, and that's why you have all that manual clicking going on.

Yet, healthcare has even more unstructured workflow than other industries. Both relatively and absolutely. It's a $3 trillion industry. Will van der Aalts estimates that the US healthcare economy could save between 600 and 800 billion dollars if it universally adopted process aware information technology. BPM, process aware case management. For your modeling goals and so forth.

So, healthcare needs both business process management and case management. And, that's a good thing.

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