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Health IT & EHR Workflow Usability Big Problem


Workflow usability is a big, enormous problem in healthcare. First of all, there's way too much manual workflow. People clicking, clicking, clicking, clicking. Doctors bitch about this. That's because the users are the workflow engines. There is no workflow engine to save them time. And, when the workflow is automated, it's automated using Java, [inaudible 00:27:04]. It's hard-coded in third generation language. You have to go change the code, which causes errors and you've got to re-deploy. It's not customizable in the ways that you guys [inaudible 00:27:19].

The code is transparent. You can't see the design workflow. And when the workflow is executed, you can't see in a glance what is the state of every task. These systems are relatively opaque because they're not workflow management systems. They're not BPM systems. They're not case management systems. 

So, business process management and case management do out of the box exactly what [inaudible 00:27:45] systems do lousy if they do it at all. 

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