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Business Process Management and Case Management: US Healthcare Needs You


Thank you for coming to hear me talk about "Business Process Management and Case Management: US Healthcare Needs You."

I should mention about four years ago I came to a which was run by Keith Swenson. It was about business process management, adaptive case management, and I remember I introduced myself as an emissary. If you know anything about emissary, you think of emissaries from other planets, from other empires. I was an emissary from Health IT for the workflow technology community.

It's been very interesting over the last 4 years to see the evolution of conversation and, in some cases, diffusion of technology, the creation of success stories using business process management and case management, adaptive dynamic, and so forth in healthcare.

So, I'm excited here to talk about how to sell more workflow technology in health care.

June 16th "BPM & Case Management: US Healthcare Needs You!"
At The BPM & CM Summit

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