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Almost 50 Accountable Care Organization IT Systems


Some of you are already doing some of this. You may already have a healthcare partner which has been doing one of these. Fantastic.

You may be doing something similar, but not [inaudible 00:21:05]. Or, some of this is clinically oriented and you're new to healthcare, so this is a form of desensitization. You haven't heard of it before? Well, now you have.

You can just think of this as a poem. I'm going to read all those, in order, quickly. So, if 1 or 2 of those lines causes a synapse to fire, that's great. By the way, all these slides are online, on my blog, [inaudible 00:21:32]. In fact, during the conference I've been tweeting them out. Anybody on twitter probably has seen them go by.

Okay. Member identification. Enrollment. Risk and clinical assessment. Behavioral screening. Cultural screening. Family and caregiver support. Advocacy. Beneficiary protections and coordination. Clinician outreach. Education. Member outreach. Reminders. Health homes. Multi-disciplinary care teams. Evidence-based care guidelines. Post-discharge transitions. Medication reconciliation. Therapy management. Referrals and scheduling. Service coordinators, navigators, and concierge services. Medical management. Clinical decision support. Remote patient monitoring. Tele-health. Transportation. Data collection. Electronic health record integration with a health information exchange. You've got to get that data moving around.

Medical terminology management. Patient member segmentation. Longitudinal patient view. Data warehouse and reporting. Only six more.

Care team management. Home visit management. Quality and outcomes measurements. Compliance and adherence reporting. Coordination of benefits. And, financial and reimbursement managment.

Thank you very much for letting me do that. If a couple of those sounded like, "Hey, wait a minute, I knew that!" Great. Or, if some of them you haven't heard before, at least you've heard of them. Those are some of the pieces that make up an ACO.

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