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Accountable Care Organization IT System Categories


I think it's important because a lot of you are IT people, to actually say what are the systems that go with creating an ACO? Well, this is my set of categories here that are synthesized from a bunch of places. We've got assessments and onboarding. So, you've got to get the people who aren't in the population but deserve to be in the population, in the population.

Once they're in the population, you've got to get them involved. If they've got a chronic disease, they need to be in management of it. Outreach and engagement. You need to know do they respond to texts or phone calls. If [someone's going to 00:20:17] knock on their door. You've got the actual care plan delivery. We've got surveillance and intervention. All this stuff is happening, and you're looking, you're watching, what are the trends? Are we doing good? Are we doing bad? At the end of the year are we going to make money or are we going to lose money? We've got all that data analytics looking for patterns.

Finally, all the management reporting necessary, to say, this is the result, the government please pay us, or these are what we've done insurance [inaudible 00:20:48].

Each of those 6 areas has about 6 or 7 sub-systems.

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