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Accountable Care Organization: EHR, Data Warehouse, Care Coordination


About a couple months ago there was a healthcare business intelligence conference here in DC. I tweet a lot. I do a lot of blogging, and this was a picture I tweeted. It says, "To Be an Accountable Care Organization," and that's that organization that's responsible for taking care of a set of people, a population, basically managing their clinical outcomes and their cost and being responsible. The more efficient and effective it is, it gets to keep the difference.

I'm going to talk about IT systems. What are the IT systems that are necessary to build an ACO? I'm going to give you 2 or 3 different takes on it. In this case, the experts said, "You need three things." You need a common electronic health record. That's the data about the patient. When I say common, you may have more than one, but then they've got to be in [inaudible 00:18:40] because you've got to be able to pull that data out to improve outcomes and reduce the cost.

You need a data warehouse. You need a way of taking that data if you have more than one system and putting it into some format that you can mine, generate reports, explore.

Use change as a map to trigger things that happen. Actionable things. Things that intervene in improved health. To improve the overall aggregate of the health of that population.

Then you need a care coordination platform.

I truncated it here, but on the tweet I said in parentheses, "That care coordination platform should be a workflow platform." That is what you need to build it on. You can see 13 people re-tweeted it. These are health IT people. So, they're kind of like, yeah, we can see coordination technology, workflow technology.

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