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#3 Regulatory Environment (Obstacle to Workflow Tech in Healthcare)


The Regulatory Environment. When you've got a lot of red tape, it's hard to be innovative. In particular, a few years ago the government said, "We'll give tens of billions of dollars to subsidize electronic health records and related health IT systems." So, a hospital could get $2 million plus if they purchased a certified electronic health record. Physicians could get tens of thousands of dollars per physician for purchasing a certified electronic health record.

If you look at that certification, the list of things you have to do, none of them are about efficient workflow. They're all about things you have to check off. Did you ask about smoking history? Multiply by 200. But, that money, the majority of that has been spent, so it's less of a lever. There's also kind of a backlash. People are saying, "Wait a minute, this is slowing me down."

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