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#1 Workflow Complexity (Obstacle to Workflow Tech in Healthcare)


Number 1 is Workflow Complexity. Simple data and complicated workflow is complicated. Complicated data and simple workflow is complicated. Complicated data and complicated workflow is hyper-complicated. That's this messy spaghetti symbol.

In fact, a fellow named Will van der Aalst, who's one of the top academic experts on business process management, he's written over 200 papers and chapters on workflow technology and the theory behind it. He's also published about 20 or 30 papers on healthcare. He calls healthcare processes "spaghetti processes." They're so complicated.

About 15-20 years ago, health IT tackled data. It basically represents multi-media data models, all those cables and those electronic health records are modeling the 206 bones in the body, and the zillions of drugs. It basically made the users the workflow engine. It just said we'll just let the users do all the automated workflow.

In fact, I looked at a 200 page manual for an electronic health record, and 180 pages were about workflow, and it was all about what to click on next. It wasn't about how the workflow engine worked and how to created a process definition. None of that.

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