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The Power of Process: Workflow, BPM, and Healthcare





At this time, I’d like to introduce today’s featured presenter, Dr. Charles Webster. Charles, or Chuck as he’s often called, is a prolific thought leader in the health IT community. He was listed as one of the top ten HIT bloggers to follow on Twitter by Healthcare IT News and was a top influencer in social media at this year’s HIM’s Conference. You can follow him on Twitter at @ehrworkflow ( wareFLO), or you can read his blog at

With degrees in accountancy, industrial engineering, confrontational linguistics, artificial intelligence and medicine, Dr. Webster has unique insights into how healthcare can be improved.

He’s noted for designing the first undergraduate program in Medical Informatics and for writing the first three award-winning case studies submitted for the HIM’s Davies Award for EHR Ambulatory Excellence.

Chuck is a strong proponent for BPM and Workflow Solutions and today, he’ll be sharing his insights about those technologies and how they could be used in a healthcare environment. Chuck, at this time, I would like to turn the presentation over to you.


Thank you. I see my slide. Excellent. Well, thank you for that introduction. Are you hearing at that end and I presume out there as well?

Aaron: That sounds great.


Great. Good introduction and thank you to everybody who’s attending this session called, “The Power of Process: Workflow Automation, Business Process Management and Healthcare.”

BPM Background, Healthcare Needs BPM, Other Industries, Point-of-Care, Non-Point-of-Care


I’ll give a little background. I will argue that healthcare needs business needs process management. I will compare healthcare to other industries. I will look at a couple of use cases, both at the point of care and not at the point of care and then I’ll talk about next steps after the webinar.

Venn Diagram of my Degrees! :) Accountancy, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Medicine


I could read my bio but it’d be really boring so I’m going to just say it is…




…but a Venn diagram, especially a colorful one, is more interesting. I’ve got these four degrees. I was pre-med accountancy major, eventually went to medical school. I also have a masters in industrial engineering and artificial intelligence with some focus in computational linguistics and cognitive science., Healthcare BPM Blog,,,


Okay. I have a bunch of websites, a bunch of content out there, mostly educational and news. I’m trying to build a community of people who are interested in what the academics call, process-aware information systems. Information systems that actually represent and understand and reason and can improve processes automatically or semi-automatically.

Big Data, Big Workflow, Workflow of Workflow, Meta-Workflow

[Imagine an animation in which at first you only see the Big Data wave, and then the Big Workflow wave comes into view.]


You’ve probably seen this big wave and you’ve heard the phrase, “big data.” This is actually an animation. It’s a series of slides so it’s not quite as smooth but you can imagine that wave is moving. I will argue that close on the heels of big data is something I call, “big workflow.”

Well, if you ever think of data about data, that’s metadata. Thinking about thinking, that’s meta cognition. Well, workflow about workflow is meta workflow but l like workflow of workflow better as a phrase.

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BPM Solutions

Process Orchestration Engine (AKA workflow engine) to drive the progression of work in structured and unstructured processes or cases

Model-Driven Composition environment for designing processes and their supporting activities and process artifacts

Content Interaction Management supporting e progression of work, especially cases, based on changes in the content itself (documents, images and audio)

Human Interaction Management enables people to naturally interact with processes they're involved in

Connected Processes and Resources they control, such as people, systems, data, event streams, goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Continuous Analytics monitor activity progress, and analyze activities and changes in and around processes

On-Demand Analytics to provide decision support using predictive analytics and optimization

Business Rule Management systems guide and implement process agility and ensure compliance

Management and Administration monitor and adjust technical aspects of BPM platform

Process Component Registry/Repository for process component leverage and reuse

Cloud-Based Deployment of about features and functions across desktop platforms and mobile devices

Social Media Compatible external and/or similar internal activity streams integrated with workflows

*Adapted from Gartner

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